About Us

We like to laugh and explore. We love music and friends. We love all things unique and, most of all, we love each other.

We are currently listening to Alabama Shakes, Twenty One Pilots, Hozier & Phox on vinyl and love a good live band.  We even made our own playlist on Spotify, you have to check out our favorite artists on The Official Swatch Studios Playlist!

We are Netflix bingers. We watch Parks & Rec, Scandal, New Girl, Broad City, Always Sunny and most recently, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series ‘Master of None’.

Weather permitting, we are always walking around the block with Winston or heading out Oak Openings for a little adventure. We cherish time with our friends watching movies or playing board games while eating tacos.  We are proud Toledoans, heading downtown and hitting up local events as often as we can.

We have been shooting together for four years now and in that time, we’ve done a lot of growing, learning and discovering. We’ve found our passion and we have molded our unique styles. Creating something new and exciting.  


“My husband knows how to dream big. He has goals and he knows exactly how he wants to accomplish them. On the other hand, he is still a kid at heart and he knows how to make me laugh even when I don’t want to. I truly admire both sides of him.

We met on the verge of college graduation. I was admiring his breathtaking wedding videos and needed a few tech questions answered. I Facebook messaged him and he took the opportunity to talk me up. We got together a few times and the rest is history. My friends would say that he won their hearts over when he offered to buy their drinks at the bar.

Now here we are. The Claytons. Looking forward to the rest of our lives together. We have grown as a young couple and a team into something I never could have imagined. I have laughed a thousand times more than I would have otherwise and have gained all the technical knowledge I was looking for.

Brooks never seems to mind me blasting music and singing along in the car or shower and he only sometimes complains when I practice my favorite dance moves or randomly perform scenes from Rent, Wicked or Mama Mia. Best of all, he knows when to not take me too seriously. He distracts me when I'm being dramatic or overreacting and makes me laugh even when I don't want to.

Give Brooks a bowl of popcorn and the latest raunchy comedy on the big screen and his day is made. He is always reading up on the latest in the industry or playing around with his gadgets, but you better believe he leaves time for golf, his favorite tv series (Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley) and cuddling with Winston & Fiona."




"I first met Diana in one of our classes at Bowling Green State University. Her dad was a budding videographer and needed some questions answered. Luckily for me, Diana came to me and that's when I worked my magic. A few years later, we tied the knot and we are really enjoying the married life!

Diana is the type of girl you want to bring home to mom & dad. She is extremely family oriented, sweet, smart & definitely a looker!

We have different tastes when it comes to a lot of things but that keeps things fresh and helps us in life along with our work.

She comes from a very large family and feels most at home with them at some sort of family get together. She also enjoys taking Winston & Fiona on long walks, crocheting & gardening. She secretly wants to be a hip-hop dance when she grows up, but I’m not gonna be the one to tell her that’s completely absurd.

Even though she can be reluctant to watch movies and TV shows that I suggest, she has somehow found herself making it through all seasons of Game of Thrones on HBO Go. My biggest complaint would have to be that she dances with her hands too much. I know that sounds weird but you would understand if you've ever seen her out on the dance floor.

I'd have to say, if that's my only complaint about this girl, I don't have much to complain about. I'm glad I've found Diana and we have this opportunity to build a life together."



Fiona (Fi)


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"I rescued this family earlier this year and I already love them with all my heart. Although I may be a little timid when new people come around, as long as Winston approves, I (eventually) do, too.
 I love to play with Winston, even when he'd rather be napping and I love bouncing the big noisy kong and bone around the house when everyone is trying to work." 
"I’m Winston Corgnelius, the corgi. I’ve been with Swatch Studios for two years now and I like to believe I’m an important part of the team. I make sure all guests are welcomed into the house with licks and butt wags. And fur. Lots of fur. (Sorry about that).
You can find me napping by Diana's feet as she works or chewing through my many toys. I most enjoy going for walks, eating, playing at the dog park, and cuddling. 

You can see all of Winston & Fi's adventures on Instagram (@winstonandfi) and let us know if you would like to schedule a playdate!




Kristy started out as our intern in the Summer and Fall of 2016. She is in her third year at our alma mater, Bowling Green State University. We were impressed with Kristy’s unique eye for photography. She has a different perspective on things and her portfolio stood out from the rest. We were also intrigued with her background of shooting film photography. 

She did such an amazing job learning and growing as part of our team that we kept her on for another year, giving her more responsibilities and bringing her on as a second shooter. To see a little Q&A we did with Kristy when she started with us last year, see her blog post HERE


Film Team

We started working with Kallie a couple of years ago when she joined our team as our assistant. She was looking to learn more about photography and we were excited to have such a helpful sidekick to help wedding days run smoothly. Over time, she became more like a friend than our assistant. Eventually, she introduced us to her boyfriend, Alex, who works in communications at the Toledo Zoo doing videography. He is a talented filmmaker that runs a documentary business by the name of ‘Running Wild Media’ and recently won Nat Geo WILD’s Wild to Inspire short film competition with his film ‘To the Explorers’.

Brooks and Alex hit it off right away and were so easily able to talk about their favorite films, style, lighting and everything tech. We’ve become closer friends and love having Alex & Kallie around for dinner, movies, and personal photo/video shoots.

Together, Kallie & Alex round out Swatch Studios team as our videographers. As our head filmmaker, Alex takes the lead and directs our film crew to tell your love story through the beauty of motion and sound. Kallie backs him up with her vision and passion for the unique details. We are proud to have these two on our team and look forward to creating some wonderful wedding films with them!



Swatch Studios Head Videographer

"Not many people can say that the first time they met their significant other, they went on a ghost hunt — but I can.

I met Alex when we were both Sophomores at BGSU. I was walking through campus with friends and we ran into Alex and his group of friends that were longboarding through campus. I was immediately intrigued. I always wanted to learn how to skateboard. He offered to teach me to longboard, so I hopped on the board. Then, somehow, our whole group ended up going on a ghost hunt through the haunted roads of BG. That was the day Alex got his first camera so he was geeking out in the back playing with all the settings. Once again, I always wanted to learn more photography stuff so I admired his geekiness.

Since that day, I've learned Alex is the artsy, go-getter type. He loves to talk with people and tell stories which goes perfect with my more quiet-natured self. He is adventurous and daring, yet always has a voice of reason. His fearlessness and comical approach to life keeps things interesting (especially when your car breaks down and you're stranded in Kentucky with him just trying to make your way to see some whale sharks). His motivation and passion to learn, create and grow inspires me to create new things. Plus, the fact that he's not allergic to my cats (he adores them) is icing on the cake, so I figure I better keep him around.

When Alex isn't traveling the world searching for wildlife to film or a documentary to make, our everyday lives are pretty interesting. I normally make plans, but Alex always finds a way to switch them up, which I secretly love. He also always finds a way to make up a new silly song every day. We love food — anything with buffalo sauce is Alex's weakness. He claims he doesn't watch tv, but I've caught him watching Bob's Burgers, any wildlife documentary you can find, Nathan For You, and even New Girl.

After a long day at work, I normally find Alex editing or working on a project. He's constantly pushing himself to do more creative and interesting projects. I'm so grateful that I have such an ambitious, creative, hardworking man as my other half." - Kallie

Swatch Studios Wedding Videographer

"Kallie is everything you could ever want in a best friend. I knew the minute I saw her that this is the girl I wanted to be with. Not only was I so into her energy and happiness, but I could just tell that a life with her would always be exciting. Kallie keeps me on my toes. You never know what interesting thing she's going to say, whether it's some crazy thought she just had, or an incorrect history fact. But no matter what she says, you can't help but have fun with her.

Kallie and I are a bit of opposites, but everything completely works. When I'm endlessly planning trips around the world to try and film animals that probably don't want to be filmed (and would rather be attacking me), she's being my voice of reason (but still supporting whatever decision I make). I will admit that I have been known to drive her a little crazy with all the wild things I want to do, but in the end she still pushes me to achieve whatever goal I set. She knows I'll always come back from a trip, ready for a five minute cuddle sesh, then a Netflix marathon with some chocolates." - Alex


Pip & Cricket

Black and white image of two cats from Toledo, Ohio


"Hi. My name is Pip Squeak, you can call me pip for short. I keep everyone in line at Swatch Studios. I'm the quiet-type, but If I see them doing something I don't want them to, I yell at them. Seriously, I squeak so loud to get food when I want it. You can find me playing with my NatGeo mice toys or milk rings. I also enjoy chasing the reflection of my parents phones around the living room. That creature never lets me catch it. When it stops I enjoy cackling at it to make it move again.

I'm a ruiner. I love to ruin blinds to see the birds and squirrels outside. I'll do anything to get a peek. I also cackle at those creatures too.

I'm also a lover — on my own terms.  I love my brother, Cricket. We love to bathe each other and lick each other's faces followed up by a stampede through the house at 11:30p.m.

I'm so happy mom rescued me and my brother when we were babies. Who else would have put fur all over the house?"


"Yo, my name is Cricket Bug. If I'm not up in your face, purring ferociously with my lion-like mane, I'm off either eating succulents, breaking printers, or being loud while you attempt to watch a movie. I enjoy wildlife documentaries and Lion King, 5 a.m. cuddles on Kallie's head, and cleaning Pip. I'm the quiet the type, not nearly as loud as my brother, but I do want all the love and affection I can find."